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Bicara tentang makan minum, tidur baring, dan beranak pinak yang membina adat resam untuk kehidupan rohani, jasmani, jiwa dan raga. Diantara weblog Sifuli yang popular adalah seperti berikut: Dukun Asmara bicara tentang beranak pinak. Hipnotis Sifuli bicara tentang tidur baring. Jalan Akhirat bicara tentang adat resam (agama) Doa Ayat dan Zikir untuk rohani jasmani jiwa dan raga. Jika tak suka sekali pun janganlah tinggalkan komentar yang keterlaluan. Kerana segalanya adalah sekadar ilmu pengetahuan. Wasalam.
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  1. marzelina marzuki berkata:


    My name is Salmiah Che Mamat and I am from Kampong Pakra Mukim Tekai Kanan Kedah. My village located between Kampong Chanding and Kampong Bendang Tok Teri; a remote area somewhere in northern part of Malaysia. Most of the village folks are traditional farmers planting paddy and breeding cows to sustain the economics expenses of the family. Paddy planting activities are conducted in a small scales due scarcity of the land as most of the land is inherited from the ancestors, and pricey to acquire new agriculture land. Farmers in my village are meager income earner and if we faced some emergency such as flooding season or other disaster we have to cash in cows with trader or getting help from local politician. Some of naughty male politicians would take advantages on widow or beautiful lady in our village by trade in with secret favor.#

    When the story happened I was 17 years old, and was going to Nakal High School (SMK Nakal) which about less than 1 km from my home. I was the only child in the family, and raised by my single mother and I do not remember much about my dad as I was small when my parent separated. My mom was working in Kuala Lumpur a capital city of Malaysia, and decided to move back to our village because she doesn’t want to face the hectic and vibrant metropolitan lifestyle. We sold our semi detached property in Section 7, Shah Alam and move to Kampong Pakra when I was 8 years old.#

    I was considered bright student in my class since I constantly obtained good grade, good command of English language, and active in sport. My secret was I like to read magazine belongs to my mum without her knowledge. Most of the magazine was adult magazine which is prohibited in Kedah and I always fantasize of the story inside about intimate relationship between man and woman. My moms look young even though her age is early forty and like to do many things to keep her busy and generates income for a family. She look like early thirty and her appearance resembling my elder sister to me, many man befriend with her but she refused except for two specials person (Penghulu and Pak Imam) who like to help her in core paddy field work, and assisting our family during difficulties. #

    To make the story short, one day in the SMK Nakal school library Mr. Smile H. Hamidikn school counselor ask me to help setting up Counseling Club in our school. Our discussion in school library went well since he agreed many of my ideas and proposal raised for our new clubs. Only two of us in the library as other students and teachers are lethargic to read books or do extra works improving themselves. Mr. Smile was admiring my thoughts and openness about social problems in school. He compliments my style however at the same time; attracted and aroused at my beautiful body contour, especially my boob; and unwittingly told me he just divorced with his wife. He was very upset to his wife perfidious manners whom having affair with Bangladesh illegal immigrant in Kuala Nerang. One day when he came home from school, he saw his wife being adulterous with Bangladesh illegal immigrant in their ante rooms upstairs over looking paddy field view. I said it was ok,
    as he already divorced his wife and suggested look for a new companion.#

    Actually, my classmate had warned me earlier about Mr. Smile profoundly pervert, nasty and horny attitude toward girls in school and enjoying seducing student at secluded place like Pusat Sumber, sport store, surau and other within school parameter. He likes to chat using many nicknames in teacher’s room during school hours looking for innocent woman prey from other district in satisfying his lust and wild sexual fantasy beyond imagination. On the other hand he also likes to seduce and aggressively pursuing intimate bond with other females’ teacher regardless of their marital status even though he is bluntly rejected. One of our English teachers doesn’t like him at all because Mr. Smile H. Hamidikn on one occasion fondles her buttock during Monday morning school assembly. Many female teachers in SMK Nakal disgust Mr. Smile H. Hamidikn conduct and silently boycott him by keeping distance from him physically; excluding those who has experienced
    sexual encounter with him appear enjoying closeness and good friendship. To satisfy his stupid sexual urge, Mr. Smile unwisely spending monthly salary hiring prostitute in Danok, and become very active sex tourist to other country and joining swinging club. Pengetua suspected about his underground activities and counsel him to stop, however he refused and continued his internet illicit desire behavior at cyber café. He likes wasting time at cyber café instead of going home early mating his lonely wife; and eventually lead his wife protest by having affair with illegal immigrant. He likes to break rules, not respecting others, big liar, and do not keep to his promised. #

    That day he was in thus emotional mixed with miserable mood; to calm him down; I give him hug and he reacted spontaneous reciprocally hugging me back strongly. We just facing each other, and he kiss me lovingly, I like it so much as no other man has done it affectionately to me before, and responded by kiss him back. He fondles my breast and lifted my baju kurung uniform. He became dominance and I was trying to resist, but I felt the joy and just let him doing it on me under duress. My feeling mixed full of joy, fun and relentless when he start touching and caressing my breast, he kiss my nipples so tender and I want him to do more and more. Mr. Smile H. Hamidikn took off my school uniform, bra, and non stop sucking, chewing and licking my nipples. I took off his shirt and see a lot of hair on his chest as he is kind of mamak teacher, in his late forties and old enough to be my father. He kisses my neck, despite the fact that my pussy is getting wet and
    horny with strong flow out lubricated pussy juice. #

    He asks my permission to touch my pussy, but I consciously refused. However he vehemently removed my panties and massaging my outer pussy areas, my pubic and affectionately throbbing my forbidden secret valley. It was hurt but very joyful. I was wandering if my mom did the same activities with the village head or Pak Imam when visited our house at night once a week. My question has partially answered with this similar experienced in the company of person from opposite sex. My mom must having fun with full or joy and climax with these two kampong prominent figure whilst blissful screaming and nagging for more. Mr. Smile laid me on the library table and both of us naked. Mr. Smile sucked and licked my pussy with concentration on clitoris area, and compel me swallow his cock. His penis is hard, strong, black, thick, and stink with horrible smell. #

    Without my permission he put his hard cock next to my pussy lips, and pushes it in my pussy slowly, thrusting into my virgin virginal whole in and out repeatedly. I was enjoying every moment of the event even though it was pain and hurt, I can’t help my self. I was groaning, screaming with full of joy and sorrow. My pussy muscle contracted his harden strongly with inner centrifugal force smoothly in the present of flowing thick lubrication pussy juices. Pussy configurations highly stimulate when in contact with hard vibrant foreign object inside and created tremendous sucking gravity surrounding pennies head. My body center of gravity displacement gracefully, dynamically, very flexible and stable in supporting incoming external thrust from the top pumping in and out; while my leg spreading openly to ease unfamiliar organ penetration. After half hour I derived amusing experience of fantastic orgasm and felt pleasurable. This first time intercourse
    experience not even approaching maximum pleasurable limit however getting nearer to infinity pleasurable sensation; and this phenomenon cannot be differentiated with any mathematical formula that I learned in my additional mathematic class. That was the first greatest moment I had undergone in my life. Now I understand why my moms groan in her room at night when Penghulu or Pak Imam paid her a visit while gracefully thrusting his sword underneath mom’s stomach. Fortunately, Mr. Smile ejaculated his sperm out of my pussy, and exploded full blown on my stomach. I felt buoyancy of fluid on my stomach and sperms heat convection out to the air and my inner skin. After the horrid episode, I slap his face. I told him that he just raped me, blamed him, and must responsible for what had happened, he apologies but I refused. I’m depressing for not listening to my classmate reprimand about Mr. Smile awful demeanor before. #

    I pledge I will report to police or school management, but he begs for my sympathy. He told me that he just sold his land to Petronas for One Million Ringgit, and he propose a deal to split the money with me when he received disbursement. I agreed. During school holiday after my SPM exam, he brought me to Kuala Lumpur pretending part of official trip to my mom but instead meeting Petronas representative and received his monies, he gave me half million and he took the rest. That night we slept at Planters Hotel and stay for 3 days, making love again repeatedly until both of us dying tired. I don’t feel the pain any more; can feel the joy of having huge money financing my education and sex with mamak teacher. Some portion of this money will be used to finance my vagina operation cost about RM25K at Sunway Medical Center bringing back my virgin tiny tissue for my future husband to enjoy. We went back to Nakal pretending like nothing happened between us,
    however he never regret and still continue his bad habit; and I disappointedly keeping our secret until this moment. Mr. Smile wants to become famous figure in Nakal and appeal me to write about our story here, and make known this horrible episode of my life to others. In reward he gave me pleasant sexual favor and writing fees. With that money now I am pursuing my Degree at Monash University in Sunway. Next year I will be going to Australia completing my tertiary education in Melbourne and looking forward to meet SMK Nakal School senior at Macquarie University in Sydney TESOL program; and trying to completely forget about this story.

  2. dhani berkata:

    Dear Cik Salmiah,
    Just completed read your story and two things came into my mind,no 1, is this a true story and not just a sexual fantasy to tease oridanry people, no.2, how come bad people always get the best whilst good, handsome and ordinary/lay man just able to see or heard the story, that realy truly unfair..,you have a superb english and i believed your future are bright as morning sun rising from the east.
    Money is the centre of everything in our life now. Be it rich people, poor people, young and old. People willing to do anything as long as they get paid. I am not condemn or encourage those people especially ladys to sell their bodys for exchange with money but for me it is up to individu.

  3. dhani berkata:

    setelah di siasat, cikgu smile h hamid ini memang wujud di SMK Naka sebagai penyelia petang, dia memang ada menjual tanah pada petronas, dan duda, siapa pula salmiah che mamat, dan siapa marzelina marzuki masih menjadi misteri hingga ke hari ni, cikgu ismail memang nakal dan kisah ini mungkin rekaan semata mata atau benar masih menjadi tanda tanya guru besar SMK Naka, Solleh Ibrahim

  4. Juwita berkata:

    Your english sucks!

  5. Kesiaan berkata:

    Salaam. Bertaubat lah pakcikli00, hentikan lah menghasut dan menaikkan syahwat orang ni. Sedangkan wanita yang tidak tutup rambut pun sudah hukumnya HARAM dan berat hukumannya nanti di akhirat, ini kan lagi menyebar dan menyuapkan orang ramai dengan sajian seks, astaghfirullah

    X payah lah kutip dosa banyak2, lagi pun gambar2 porno dan seks apa pun sudah berjuta2 dalam Google ni. X perlu la kita tambah dosa kita

    Maaf kerana menegur …..

    ~Dari yg mengambil berat~

  6. ismail hamid berkata:

    Biarlah saya berterus terang di sini, sebenarnya Marzelina Ahmad Marzuki adalah bekas anak murid lama saya di SMK (P) Treacher Methodist Girls School, Taiping Perak. Saya mula mengajar di situ pada tahun 1984 selepas tamat KPLI di USM. Marzelina merupakan murid saya yang aktif di sekolah, tetapi amat nakal kerana suka berpeleseran dengan pelajar lelaki selepas waktu sekolah. Dia banyak berkhayal didalm kelas, tidak menumpukan pelajaran dan bukan merupakan murid cemerlang. Saya telah menangkap khalwat Marzelina dengan pelajar perubatan IPTA kerana berkelakuan tidak senonoh di Taman Tasik Taiping. Sejak hari itu Marzelina amat marah dan membenci saya, dan macam macam cerita dan tuduhan telah dibuat Marzelina kepada saya, bukan saja melalui internet tetapi juga surat layang. Saya berjumpa semula dengan Marzelina pada tahun 2005 semasa menghadiri kursus pendek perguruan di Penang, dan pada ketika itu dia masih marah pada saya. Apa saya nak buat, saya harap Marzelina insaf atas kesalahan lampau dan tidak menjadi seorang yang pendendam. Cerita di atas memang tidak benar. Sekian terima kasih. Ismail Hamid, Kuala Nerang

  7. Farid Rahim berkata:

    Website yang menarik yang pukul mati penagih net.Terimakasih

  8. din berkata:


    Beriman kepada yang ghaib adalah termasuk salah satu asas dari akidah Islam, bahkan ianya merupakan sifat yang pertama dan utama yang dimiliki oleh Allah S.W.T. Justeru itu, bagi setiap orang Muslim, mereka wajib beriman kepada yang ghaib, tanpa sedikitpun ada rasa ragu. Dalam perkara ini Ibn Mas’ud mengatakan: Yang dimaksudkan dengan yang ghaib itu ialah segala apa saja yang ghaib dari kita dan perkara itu diberitahukan oleh Allah dan Rasul-Nya. Begitu juga jin. Jin termasuk makhluk ghaib yang wajib kita imani, kerana banyak ayat-ayat Al-Qur’an dan Hadis Nabi yang menerangkan tentang wujudnya.
    Walaupun jin itu tidak dapat dilihat, maka bukanlah bererti ia tidak ada. Sebab berapa banyaknya sesuatu yang tidak dapat kita lihat di dunia ini, akan tetapi benda itu ada. Angin misalnya, kita tidak dapat melihatnya, tetapi hembusannya dapat kita rasakan. Begitu juga roh yang merupakan hakikat dari kehidupan kita, kita tidak dapat melihatnya serta tidak dapat mengetahui tentang hakikatnya akan tetapi kita tetap meyakini wujudnya.


    Jin adalah nama jenis, bentuk tunggalnya adalah Jiniy ( dalam bahasa arab dahulu kala, dan Genie dalam bahasa Inggeris ) yang ertinya “yang tersembunyi” atau “yang tertutup” atau “yang tak terlihat”. Hal itulah yang memungkinkan kita mengaitkannya dengan sifat yang umum “alam tersembunyi”, sekalipun akidah Islam memaksudkannya dengan makhluk-makhluk berakal, berkehendak, sedar dan punya kewajipan, berjasad halus and hidup bersama-sama kita di bumi ini. Dalam sebuah hadith dari Abu Tha’labah yang bermaksud : “Jin itu ada tiga jenis iaitu : Jenis yang mempunyai sayap dan terbang di udara, Jenis ular dan jengking dan Jenis yang menetap dan berpindah-pindah.”


    Allah S.W.T. menciptakan jin sebelum menciptakan manusia, dengan selisih waktu yang lama bila dikiaskan pada manusia mahupun jin sendiri. Allah S.W.T. berfirman ( maksudnya ) : “Dan sesungguhnya Kami telah menciptakan manusia dari tanah liat kering ( yang berasal ) dari lumpur hitam yang diberi bentuk. Dan Kami telah menciptakan jin, sebelum itu dari api yang sangat panas. ( Surah Al-Hijr: 26-27 ).


    Jin adalah makhluk yang sangat banyak sekali penduduknya, boleh dikatakan sama bilangan penduduk bumi sebanyak 5 bilion. Jarang ada suatu tempat di bumi ini yang tidak diduduki oleh jin, baik di daratan, lautan mahupun udara. Dunia mereka seperti dunia kita : Ada negara, kerajaan, berbagai bangsa & kabilah, penguasa dan rakyat jerata. Agama mereka pun tidak berbeza dengan agama manusia. Diantara mereka, alhamdulillah, ada yang Muslim dan memperoleh hidayah dari Allah S.W.T. Yang lain, beragama Masehi, Hindu, Buddha, penyembah berhala dan penganut ajaran komunis.


    Makhluk jin lebih mengutamakan untuk tinggal di tempat-tempat yang sunyi dan sepi dari manusia seperti di padang pasir. Ada yang tinggal di tempat-tempat kotor seperti di tempat pembuangan sampah kerana mereka memakan makanan lebihan manusia.

    Ada juga mereka yang tinggal bersama manusia iaitu di dalam rumah. Abu Bakar bin Ubaid meriwayatkan: “Pada setiap rumah kaum muslimin ada jin Islam yang tinggal di atapnya, setiap kali makanan diletakkan, maka mereka turun dan makan bersama penghuni rumah.”

    Jin juga menjadikan tandas sebagai tempat tinggalnya. Rasullullah s.a.w. telah bersabda: “Sesungguhnya pada tiap-tiap tempat pembuangan kotoran ada didatangi jin, kerana itu bila salah seorang kamu datang ke tandas maka hendaklah ia mengucapkan doa: ” Ya Allah, sesungguhnya aku berlindung kepadamu dari jin lelaki dan perempuan” (HR. Abu Dawud)

    Jin juga sangat suka tinggal di lubang-lubang. Oleh kerana itu dalam sebuah hadis dijelaskan yang maksudnya: “Janganlah kamu kencing dilubang.” (HR. An-Nas’i)


    * Iblis mempunyai kerajaan yang sangat besar. Ada menteri-menteri, pemerintahan dan pejabat-pejabat. Iblis juga mempunyai wakil-wakil, lima di antaranya wajib diwaspadai :

    * Yang pertama, menurut kalangan Jin, bernama Tsabar. Dia selalu mendatangi orang yang sedang kesusahan atau ditimpa musibah, baik kematian isteri, anak ataupun kaum kerabat. Kemudian dia melancarkan bisikannya dan menyatakan permusuhannya kepada Allah. Diucapkannya, melalui mulut orang yang ditimpa musibah itu, keluh-kesah and caci-maki terhadap ketentuan Allah atas dirinya.

    * Yang kedua, namanya ialah Dasim. Syaitan inilah yang selalu berusaha dengan sekuat tenaganya untuk mencerai-beraikan ikatan perkahwinan, membuat rasa benci antara satu sama lain di kalangan suami-isteri, sehingga menjadi penceraian. Dia adalah anak kesayangan Iblis di wilayah kerajaannya yang sangat besar.

    * Yang ketiga, namanya ialah Al-A’war. Dia dan seluruh penghuni kerajaannya, adalah pakar-pakar dalam urusan mempermudah terjadinya perzinaan. Anak-anaknya menghiaskan indah bahagian bawah tubuh kaum wanita ketika mereka keluar rumah, khususnya kaum wanita masa kini, betul-betul menggembirakan Iblis di kerajaan yang besar. Segala persoalan yang menyangkut keruntuhan moral dan perzinahan berurusan dengan pejabat besar mereka.

    * Yang keempat, namanya ialah Maswath, pakar dalam menciptakan kebohongan-kebohongan besar mahupun kecil. Bahkan kejahatan yang dia dan anak-anaknya lakukan sampai pada tingkat dia memperlihatkan diri dalam bentuk seseorang yang duduk dalam suatu pertemuan yang disenggarakan oleh manusia, lalu menyebarkan kebohongan yang pada gilirannya disebarkan pula oleh manusia.

    * Yang kelima, namanya ialah Zalnabur. Syaitan yang satu ini berkeliaran di pasar-pasar di seluruh penjuru dunia. Merekalah yang menyebabkan pertengkaran, caci-maki, perselisihan dan bunuh-membunuh sesama manusia.

    Untuk menghindarinya hendaklah mengucapkan :

    Aku berlindung kepada Allah dari gangguan syaitan, ( ** Sebutkan namanya : Tsarbar / Dasim / Al-A’war / Maswath / Zalnabur ) yang terkutuk, serta pengikut-pengikut dan anak-anaknya.

    Menurut buku Asy-Syibli meriwayatkan sebuah riwayat dari Zaid bin Mujahid yang mengatakan bahawa, “Iblis mempunyai lima anak, yang masing-masing diserahkan urusan-urusan tertentu. Kemudian dia memberi nama masing-masing anaknya : Tsabar, Dasim, Al-A’war, Maswath dan Zalnabur.”

  9. din berkata:

    Untuk menghindarinya hendaklah mengucapkan :

    Aku berlindung kepada Allah dari gangguan syaitan, ( ** Sebutkan namanya : Tsarbar / Dasim / Al-A’war / Maswath / Zalnabur ) yang terkutuk, serta pengikut-pengikut dan anak-anaknya.

    Menurut buku Asy-Syibli meriwayatkan sebuah riwayat dari Zaid bin Mujahid yang mengatakan bahawa, “Iblis mempunyai lima anak, yang masing-masing diserahkan urusan-urusan tertentu. Kemudian dia memberi nama masing-masing anaknya : Tsabar, Dasim, Al-A’war, Maswath dan Zalnabur.”

  10. amanharith berkata:

    klo nk english masok je kt jizz hart

  11. Asim berkata:

    Bagi lelaki yang ingin menambah saiz zakar 1-3 inci dengan efektif,
    selamat dan semulajadi, tanpa perlu guna ubat, pil, pembedahan,
    suntikan, atau alat-alat yang pelik dan melucukan, sila klik pada nama
    saya ‘Asim’ diatas ni. Tq.

  12. ali berkata:

    klu nak kenal iblis tnya pakcikli00 inila sht iblis yg pling nyata (qs al-baqarah ayat 208)

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