Petua tahan lama bersetubuh dahulukala

Kebanyakan lelaki mengalami genjala yang memalukan mudah terpancut air di ranjang. petua orang dahulukala menahan air mani mahu keluar ketika bersetubuh diranjang, tarik nafas sepanjang yang anda boleh. Kemudian jika masih ada rasa air mani yang nak keluar, tarik lagi nafas dan lakukan sehingga seterusnya. Cara ini boleh membuatkan hubungan seksual anda lebih panjang dan lama.

Perihal pakcikli00

Saya adalah dukun asmara
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14 Responses to Petua tahan lama bersetubuh dahulukala

  1. Managing epilepsy – aiming for seizure freedom by Dato Dr Azmi Abdul Rashid
    Updated: 24-04-2011, 05:56:53
    Epilepsy is a common serious neurological condition affecting some 50 million people worldwide. Caused by a disruption in brain activity, epilepsy can affect anyone at any stage of life.
    It is estimated that in Malaysia, up to 1% of the population is affected. Experts fear that many sufferers go undiagnosed, especially in rural areas. The failure to seek treatment is largely linked to issues of stigma and discrimination held by society and even by those with epilepsy themselves.
    Often, sufferers seek unscientific modes of treatment, such as spiritual healing and traditional medicine.
    Epileptic attacks should be suppressed for several reasons. Apart from prevention of injury caused by falling or biting the tongue, frequent seizures impair memory and academic performance.
    Epilepsy can also be fatal, usually as a direct result of a seizure (sudden unexpected death in epilepsy or SUDEP). The death rate in people with epilepsy is two to three times higher than in the general population. The unpredictable nature of the attacks may have serious repercussions on employment and family life.
    Diagnosing epilepsy
    There is no single test that can prove or disprove whether someone has epilepsy. The most important method that doctors rely on to diagnose epilepsy is the assessment of the patient’s medical history, together with eye witness accounts as patients often cannot describe the incident themselves.
    Other tools that aid in diagnosis include blood tests, brain scans and electrical readings of the brain called electroencephalograms (EEG). These diagnostic tools also help eliminate other conditions that may be confused with epilepsy. These include migraine, minor strokes and panic attacks.
    Treating epilepsy – present options
    At present, there is no cure for epilepsy. However it can be controlled in about 70% of cases via treatment. While the aim of epilepsy treatment is to stop seizures completely, in some cases this is not possible and a reduction in seizure frequency and severity becomes the aim.
    According to Dato Dr Azmi Abdul Rashid, medical experts and senior consultant neurologist, Damansara Specialist Hospital, seizures are deemed to be “controlled” if a patient has no more than one seizure in two years.
    The most common mode of treatments is via medication or anti-epileptic drugs (AEDs), which are designed to restore the chemical imbalance in brain cells that result in excessive electrical activity and leads to seizures.
    The doctor’s choice of which drug to prescribe depends on what kind of seizure a person is having as different drugs control different types of seizures. Other factors to consider include the patient’s medical history, his/her other medications and whether the patient is a female of childbearing age.
    In a small percentage of patients, where medican is not successful in preventing seizures, other methods may be tried.
    Sugery is one such option. However, according to Dato Dr Azmi, only 5% of epilepsy patients qualify for surgery and the pre-requisites are strict. Amongst the qualifying criteria include the presence of lesions that cause the seizures, a record of compliance with medication and an IQ of above 70.
    Other options include a special ketogenic diet. Mainly prescribed for children under 10 years of age, the diet is high in fat, and low in carbohydrate and protein, which results in ketosis. This ketotic state, which minics the effects of starvation or fasting, exerts an anti-epileptic effect, through its precise mechanism of action is not completely understood.
    Another option is vagus nerve stimulation (VNS), which involves the implantation of a generator that stimulates the vagus nerve and thus reduces seizure activity. The vagus nerve is one of 12 pairs of cranial nerves (i.e. nerves that originate in the brain).
    Other than treatment, patients can manage their condition with proper rest, regular meal times and sleeping hours. If their epilepsy can be brought on by specific triggers (for example, bright lights) then they should avoid these triggers. Patients are also advised to abstrain from excessive alcohol intake as this can cause breakthrough seizures from interaction with the medication.
    Treating and managing epilepsy by “natural” means alone (for example with herbal remedies) is not proven and may be dangerous.
    Aiming for seizure freedom – a patient’s prerogative
    According to Dato Dr Azmi, the goal of all epilepsy treatment is to have no seizures at all, avoid side effects, and make it possible to lead a normal, active life.
    Where AEDs are concerned, there are many types of medication and side effects will vary from patient to patient. Some experience side effects, other may not. Some patient’s bodies break down medicines at a faster or slower rate than the average person. Some patients’ seizures will respond well to a particular drug while others will continue to have seizures.
    With all these variations, it may take some time to find exactly the right dose of the right drug to control seizures. As such, patients should play a keen role in understanding the various types of medication available and what combination works best for them. Patients should aim to have no seizures at all and with no side effects.
    In aiming for seizure freedom, patients are advised to ask their doctors about the drugs they are prescribed, what to watch out for and what to do if problems arise.
    Common side effects of AEDs
    All medicines can cause side effects. Drugs that prevent seizures can cause side effects too, even though many people take them for long periods of time with no unpleasant side effects at all.
    Some side effects like tiredness or nausea are more likely to happen when a drug is first started, but may go away later on. Other side effects may occur because of interaction between two or more drugs.
    The side effects that a patient will experience will also depend on the type of drug. Such side effects include weight gain, cognitive impairment and interaction with a wide range of drugs.
    Some people have an allergic reaction, like a rash, to a drug. The reaction may be caused by only a small amount of the drug. When this happened, a different drug may have to be used instead.
    Patients who are taking several different drugs to prevent seizures should ask their doctors if they can be suitably treated with one drug. These days, doctors are advised to gradually discontinue ineffective or poorly tolerated drugs so that patients are maintained on as few drugs as possible. By Arina.

  2. Dr R Azman says:

    Tahniah Dr Azmi kerana isteri baru anda hebat, jangan lupa pada petua lama, sapukan cream anesthetic bagi tahan lebih lama

  3. Hussin says:

    tarik nafas, dan terus tarik nafas tanpa melepaskannya bisa membawa kepada kematian pak!

  4. zam1420 says:

    kdg2 tu try jgk tahan dan tarik nafas panjang2….tp sekali skala tu terpancut awal jgk sbb dh tahan lama sgt x main dgn isteri….tp kdg2 tu bila tahan pancut, maunya sampai 2 jam baru kluar…isteri plk yg x tahan sampai 2-3 kali pancut…barula saya pancut…petua tu sapa nak amal boleh..gerenti baik punyaaa….heheheh

  5. Asim says:

    Bagi lelaki yang ingin menambah saiz zakar 1-3 inci dengan efektif,
    selamat dan semulajadi, tanpa perlu guna ubat, pil, pembedahan,
    suntikan, atau alat-alat yang pelik dan melucukan, sila klik pada nama
    saya ‘Asim’ diatas ni. Tq.

    • zulkafli says:

      mr.asim sy nk beli rahsia raja katil 2,tp nk download 2 ada problem cikitt kat sy.(x brapa pandailh sgt).ada cr lain x.

  6. lolipop says:

    Pegawai JKR dalam perhatian SPRM kerana ada pakat pakat dengan kontraktor, harap cik adik berhati hati, berkenaan khidmat persatuan, ianya diberi secara percuma kepada mereka yang berhajat, tapi eloknya jangan guna khidmat kami, jadilah isteri yang baik dan kekal hubungan dalam alam rumah tangga dengan penuh bahagia, layanlah suami dengan baik, dan cik adik juga berseronoklah bila bersama suami,, bila dua dua puas, banyak masalah lain dapat di selesaikan dengan sempurna

  7. Pingback: Petua Tahan Lama Bersetubuh

  8. tijahtetipu says:

    mohon hentikan kisah dr azmi dan isterinya marzelina

  9. munasir says:

    Bisa karena biasa………lk2 hrus percaya diri….ibarate lk2 itu nyanding akan nyandung artinya lk2 ud bersama istri d ranjang memadu kasih,cinta …akn terjadi……heboh lho paginya psngan tersebut merasa seng dangmbra……..smg bermanfaat

  10. Ben says:

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  11. test says:

    Hey! This is my 1st comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and say I genuinely enjoy
    reading your posts. Can you suggest any other blogs/websites/forums that deal with the same topics?
    Thanks a lot!

  12. manto says:

    tak tahan tengok kaki dan paha putih gebu rasa dah terpancut air apatah lagi kalau kaki putih

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